What Is Testogel?

Men want to feel masculine – we definitely understand that. Unfortunately, one of the causes of feeling unmanly is low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels in men can have myriad side effects that result in both physical and mental conditions. These effects include loss of sex drive, erectile impotency, lower physical or mental capacity, weakening of the bones (also known as osteoporosis) and fatigue. Though there are multiple factors, including ageing, that can result in lowered testosterone levels, one of the more common ones is hypogonadism, a condition affecting the sex organs, or gonads. Hypogonadism, while not a fatal disease, can seriously affect a man’s enjoyment of life and its pleasures. That’s where Testogel comes in.

Testogel was created as a treatment for the condition hypogonadism; a lack of or reduction of hormone secretion from the testes. It is meant to be used by men who suffer from the condition, which results in low testosterone levels. Symptoms associated with hypogonadism include a lack of body hair and sometimes underdeveloped genitals. In addition to those, a man can also undergo a laboratory test to see if he has lower-than-average testosterone levels. Replacing that essential hormone has a myriad of positive effects: it can help the distribution of your body fat, increase the effectiveness of your protein intake and regulate the sodium, potassium, nitrogen, phosphate, water and chloride in your urine.

A man with hypogonadism may be prescribed Testogel. The most prominent ingredient is Testogel is testosterone. When you apply Testogel to your skin, you are actually increasing the amount of testosterone in your blood stream. Since the hormone testosterone is the same whether your body made it or you applied it, the testosterone from Testogel works the same as the naturally-occurring hormone in your body.

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone, also known as androgen, is one of the most essential chemicals that the human body produces for male development. Naturally, a gland in the brain called the pituitary gland is what orchestrates the release of testosterone, allowing for normal, healthy development. Once adulthood is reached, testosterone continues to be a vital part of development and healthy living. Its influence reaches from your skin to your skeleton, your muscles to your organs. So you can see why keeping it high is something that any male would want. Unfortunately, again due to illness or old age, your levels are bound to fall over time.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

How can you fight against low testosterone levels? Well, one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for hypogonadism is testosterone replacement therapy. By using testosterone replacement therapy, men can bring their testosterone back up to healthy levels. Testosterone replacement is done in one of two ways. First, men can opt for a testosterone injection. Second, they can instead go for a testosterone gel, applied on the skin. Testogel is one such gel, and it is rising quickly in popularity.

How Do I Use Testogel?

Testogel is a see-through, colourless gel that has 1% of its active ingredient, testosterone, and is applied to layers of skin that are thin enough for the gel to seep through. It comes in either little packets of 2.5 to 5 grams or in a bottle, much like you might get hand sanitizer in. If you get the packets, you need to apply all of the gel as soon as you open the packet. And when you do apply it, make sure to put it on clean, dry, and healthy skin that is thin enough for the gel to get through. Do not put it around your genitals, as the product contains alcohol, which is almost certain to irritate the area.

Instead, patients should apply it onto the skin, preferably on the stomach, shoulders or upper arms. The skin on these areas is thin enough for the gel to get through your skin and into your bloodstream. Users should not rub the gel into the skin; instead, allow the gel to sit on the skin. That way, the skin absorbs it over time. It takes roughly five minutes for the absorption process to happen, so the patient should ensure to leave enough time for this. Assuming that you did not wear gloves for the process, although you certainly could, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after you are done. Use water and soap.

A Few Warnings

As with any medication, there are guidelines to ensure that patients know how to use Testogel safely and effectively. If you have the gel drying on your skin, avoid touching other people, especially women and children. The testosterone gel could accidentally be applied to them through contact. Excess testosterone in women and children is not healthy and can cause side effects. A couple of these potential effects are irregular menstrual cycles in women and excess body hair for women and children. Keeping this in mind, avoid situations where you have to touch (or be touched) while the gel is drying, and definitely ensure that your hands are thoroughly cleaned after you apply the gel.

A couple of final warnings. First, it is imperative to make sure that the gel does not come in contact with a pregnant woman. The testosterone boost in her blood is likely to adversely affect the developing child. Secondly, Testogel may interact poorly with other types of medication. Be sure to let your doctor know about every medication that you take.

What Customers Think

Many customers are very, very happy with the results that Testogel gives. Another big positive of the treatment is the price. Testogel is a very affordable option, especially considering the prices of some of the other testosterone replacement therapies. Patients are offered the choice between the packets and the bottle, meaning that there is more than one option if the first treatment isn’t suitable. If you have been experiencing issues with low testosterone levels, Testogel is a treatment worth exploring. Talk with your doctor and see if Testogel could be the solution that you’re looking for.