What Does Testogel Do?

Men with low testosterone levels can suffer all sorts of adverse effects; some physical, some developmental. Low levels lead to low sex drives, impotency, and other assorted varieties of ill effects. Fortunately, using Testogel can afford patients the following benefits, if used properly and consistently.

  1. Increased Sex Drive

First and foremost, low testosterone levels are primarily responsible for decreases in desire for sexual intimacy in men, whether they have prostate disease or are simply getting older. Men using Testogel testified to having an increased sex life as a result of using Testogel. This is because Testogel targets the source of your lowered sex drive: your lowered testosterone. Using testosterone replacement therapy is one way to help ensure that you continue to have a healthy sex life, even when suffering from hypogonadism. This is even true if you are getting older, although typically testosterone replacement therapy is not recommended for older adults.

  1. Lowered Risk of Osteoporosis


Another problem that can arise when a male has low testosterone is low bone mass or density. This issue is more commonly known as osteoporosis. Testosterone is one of the key drivers behind the increase of bone mass and density in the human body. This is one of the reasons that men typically have a higher bone density than women, simply because men have higher levels of testosterone, typically 7 to 8 times the amount. However, as testosterone levels start to get lower thanks to disease or old age, men can experience more brittle bones. The process can be slowed or even stopped temporarily by using Testogel.


  1. Increases Sperm Production


Young men with hypogonadism have it especially tough, especially if they are attempting to start a family. Since a low testosterone level decreases sperm count, low levels make it very hard to conceive. This is also true of older men. Since the amount of testosterone in their bodies is naturally decreasing, older men also can find it hard to conceive. Testosterone replacement therapy can help abate that however. By increasing the testosterone in the bloodstream, like Testogel does, sperm count increases. This in turn makes it easier to conceive.


  1. Increases Mental Acuity

It is often noted that as people get older, their minds seem to get foggier. For older men, this can often be attributed to a decrease in testosterone. Testosterone is often responsible for mental acuteness in men, and so when the levels get low, mental sharpness dulls, little by little. When testosterone is low, you can expect to have issues with finding the right word to use or performing some of the more basic mental tasks. However, when testosterone starts to reach normal levels again, the chemical starts resolving these issues.

  1. Improves Muscle Strength

Much like bone strength, testosterone is responsible for muscle strength in adolescence and early adulthood. Testosterone is pumped throughout the system in order to promote muscle growth and strength. It is so effective in creating muscle growth, in fact, that use of testosterone-boosting treatment is banned in professional sporting competitions because it gives an unfair advantage. When a male’s natural testosterone levels get lower, however, muscle density starts to be subsumed within fat, and muscle tissue is lost. With Testogel however, muscle integrity can be restored.