Testogel Ingredients

In order to fully reinvigorate your body with testosterone, there are a variety of ingredients used in Testogel. The first and primary active ingredient is the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is incredibly important in the development of the male human body. It is an anabolic steroid. This is truer for males than females, but females also have a degree of testosterone. Regardless, the release of testosterone during male adolescence is what is responsible for a variety of bodily changes during puberty. These include muscle and bone enlargement and increased growth of body hair. If a man is lacking in testosterone, that lack can lead to increased frailty and loss of bone mass.

The Science of Testosterone

Testosterone is a natural chemical produced by the human body. Men have testosterone levels that are about 7 to 8 times the amount that females have. This is due to the increased metabolism of testosterone in men. Since men require more of it, their bodies must produce more of it. Lack of testosterone production results in some of the conditions specified above.

Since Testogel is a gel, it is applied on the skin and absorbed through it. A single gram of Testogel 16.2 micrograms of testosterone. Other ingredients include purified water, Carbomer 980, ethanol 96%, isopropyl myristate and sodium hydroxide.

Side Effects

Although the side effects of the treatment are minimal, there are still some to be aware of. We have listed them below in order to make patients aware of rare issues they might experience. Anyone experiencing any of the symptoms listed below after using Testogel should consult with a doctor.

Common Side Effects (These may affect 1 in 10 individuals)

  1. Changes to your mood. The patient may experience dramatic or slight changes to their mood as a result of taking Testogel. This can be expressed as mood swings, impatience, aggression or anger, abnormal dreams, irritableness, increased sex drive or sleeplessness.
  2. Skin reactions. This may be because you put it in the wrong place or simply because you have sensitive skin. Testogel does contain alcohol, so prolonged use may cause the skin to become irritated and sensitive, so keep that in mind. Other effects could include acne, skin rash, hair loss or skin irritation.
  3. Red blood cell number heightens. This is also known as haematocrit, or the percentage of red blood cells that are in your system. Patients can also find a marked increase in haemoglobin, which is the part of a red blood cell that carries oxygen to the other parts of your body. Oftentimes, this side effect surfaces through blood tests or in changes to the prostate gland, which occasionally manifests more of a protein that is called prostate specific antigen.


Uncommon Side Effects (These may affect 1 in 100 individuals)

  1. Increased blood pressure. This may express itself as flushing or redness. The blood vessels may also become inflamed.
  2. Some men prescribed with Testogel reported having diarrhoea after applying the medication.
  3. Some men also reported experiencing pain in the mouth after applying the medication.
  4. Development of breasts. Men who applied Testogel also occasionally reported having tender nipples.
  5. A few of the men who also reported having pain in their testicles after applying Testogel.
  6. Other had issues with fluid retention after they used the medication.


Other Side Effects

A very small number of men spoke of side effects that are not included in the above lists. These side effects include tiredness, anxiety, depression, headache, tingling skin, dizziness, blood clots, feeling sick, difficulty breathing, sweating, muscle or potentially bone pain, body hair growth that was classed as abnormal, difficulty passing urine, muscle weakness, weight gain, a smaller amount of sperm and feeling unwell.

Since Testogel contains alcohol, irritation and redness of the skin is expected over long-term use of the product.

How to Utilize This Information

Now that you are aware of the various side effects, consider how Testogel could affect you should you decide to use it. Go over the ingredients list again and think if you are allergic to any of them or if they could adversely affect you. If you have any concerns about Testogel, talk with your doctor to see if it is recommended for your continued use.